Danna Paola: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Elite, Movies, Songs, Tattoos, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth & Measurements

Danna Paola, born as Danna Paola Rivera Munguia is an actress, model, and singer from 23 Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. She took birth on 23rd June 1995. So, she is only 27 years old currently. However, her popularity runs deep. She had gained prominence when she was still a child as an actress and singer. This is because she had acted in several projects all throughout her early childhood and adolescence.

Moreover, there is an interesting fact about her name. So, Danna Paola has a Spanish name. In this system, the first surname Rivera is paternal. On the other hand, the second surname Munguia is maternal. As a singer, Danna Paola actively sings in the genres of teen pop, Latin pop, and pop in general. Moreover, she has been active as an artist since 1999. So, she can play the guitar and piano along with doing vocals.

Danna Paola Biography/Wiki

Full name Danna Paola Rivera Munguia
Nickname Patito
Date of Birth 23rd June 1995
Age 27 years
Birthplace Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Profession Actress, model, singer.
Boyfriend Alex Hoyer (currently)
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Cancer
Race/ ethnicity Mexican, Latina

Early Life

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So, as we know by now Danna Paola had proven to be talented at a very early age and has maintained her fame since then. She has Latin-American roots being born and brought up in Mexico. So, there is no doubt that she works in Latin pop. So, her mother is Patricia Munguia and her father is Juan Jose Rivera Arellano. Moreover, her father had been the erstwhile singer of Grupo Ciclon and Los Caminantes. However, her parents got divorced when she was still a child. Moreover, Danna Paola also has an elder sister. So, her name is Vania.

Danna Paola Net Worth

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So, Danna Paola currently has a net worth that is worth around 10 million dollars, as per various reports. Therefore, a major portion of this comes from her contract for making music under the label of Universal Music Group. Moreover, she has had an illustrious career as an actress. Not only had she started acting as a child, but also her constant ties with Disney since “Tangled” and Elite, the Mexican series, had been major successes. Along with these, Danna Paola has released as many as 6 music albums already. Moreover, her sixth album, K.O went on to receive the Latin Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2021.

Danna Paola also has an illustrious stage career. So, she had her greatest theatrical success in 2013. This was when she began to play the role of the witch Elphaba in the first Spanish-language production of the smash Broadway musical “Wicked.” Therefore, the production began in Mexico City at Teatro Telcel in October 2013. Subsequently, it closed in January 2015. Moreover, it became a massive hit. So, it sold over 100,000 tickets. Hence, it became one of the most successful stage productions in Mexican history. Therefore, this had also efficiently contributed to her net worth.

Danna Paola Business Engagements

Moreover, being a prominent face of her times, it is no surprise that she is the face of a number of leading brands. This means that Danna Paola has a number of endorsements to her name which generously contributes to her net worth. A multifaceted, multi-talented woman, she became a fashion designer in 2014 when she collaborated with Sexy Jeans, the Mexican clothing brand to release her own line. Therefore, she is even an entrepreneur. In due time, she ended up being the brand face of L’Oreal Paris’ Casting Crème Gloss hair color line for the Latin American market. So, you can imagine the kind of career she has built for herself from scratch and she is only 27!

Danna Paola Songs

So, Danna Paola began her musical career quite early in life. Therefore, she released her first-ever album in 2001 when she was still a child. It was “Mi Globo Azul”. Following this, soon after, even before she was 10, she released her second album in 2004. This is called “Oceano”. Moreover, the young Danna literally took no break. She returned in 2005 with another new album. This was “Chiquita pero picosa”. However, after this, she took a rather long hiatus that ran for 7 long years! She returned in 2012 with her self-titled album. Therefore, in 2011, she began the production of her fourth solo studio album. However, it would be her debut album as a “grown-up” solo artist. The songs that she was a part of as a child were mostly for telenovelas, children’s music, and soundtracks of films.

So, her new album was important to reflect on her growth as a person and leave behind her image as a child actress. “Ruleta” that Paty Cantu, the Mexican Pop Singer wrote became the album’s lead single. So, the official VEVO channel of Danna Paola premiered the official video of the song on 14th March 2012. It became a single hit. So, it rose to number 32 on the Top Mexican Airplay charts in July 2012.

Moreover, in 2014, she took part in “Dancing Queens” which was a tribute album to ABBA. So, here she sang a cover of “Take a Chance on Me”. Therefore, with this, she debuted as earning a number on iTunes Mexico.

Moreover, in 2020, Danna Paola released her fifth studio album “SIE7E”. So, this includes the hit tracks of “Final Feliz” and “Mala Fama”. Moreover, it also includes her new singles like “Sodio” and “Oye Pablo”. And finally came K.O in 2021.

Danna Paola Best Songs

Here is a list we give you of 10 of the best Danna Paola songs that we absolutely love!

  1. Nada that she sang with Cali Y El Dandee.
  2. Mala Fama. This, however, is entirely single.
  3. Idiota where she again collaborated with Morat.
  4. Cachito. This is again a collaboration between Danna Paola and Mau y Ricky.
  5. New Hope Club’s Know Me Too Well where she sang.
  6. Calla Tú, again a single.
  7. No Bailes Sola. So, she collaborated with Sebastian Yatra on this one.
  8. Amor Ordinario, again a single. Moreover, the last three songs feature in her latest solo album, K.O.
  9. Oye Pablo. So, here is another single.
  10. MÍA. Therefore, this is again a single.

Danna Paola Tattoos

So, Danna Paola has a number of tattoos. However, they are not arbitrary. So, each of her tattoos is significant in its own way and bears some meaning for her. In 2020, she added three distinct tattoos. However, one of them was very special and symbolic for her. This was a combination of a heart and the infinity symbol. So, she did this tattoo in the company of her sister and mother. Moreover, they tattooed the same combination on themselves. Therefore, the symbol stands for true love and familial affection that the trio has shared while the girls have grown up and continue to do so. Danna Paola, hence, had taken to her Instagram and conveyed the meaning to her followers.

Moreover, she also had two other tattoos that she shared on Instagram. These, however, made her fans quite emotional. On the side of her right hand, she had tattooed the word “fiorire”. So, this is an Italian word that means to flourish. Fans definitely wish the same for her, all with their hearts. The other one was two small Xs on the side of the left wrist.

However, she has a couple of other tattoos too on her collarbone and back.

Danna Paola Instagram

Yes, your favorite Latina singer-actor Danna Paola is on Instagram and quite actively so. She has, as of 2023, a staggering number of followers that amounts to 34.7 million. Moreover, she has a following of 1304 people. However, she posts quite avidly. This is evident from her number of posts, which is 2033. You can find her out at @dannapaola. So, she takes her Instagram handle to interact with her fans on updates of her personal and professional life. She also uses it for promotional purposes just how any other star uses their social media handles. Moreover, she has a number of endorsements and a brand to her name. They too find a place in her account. However, she is very active with her Instagram stories as well and posts frequently.

Just so you may want to know, Danna Paola is also there on Twitter. So, you can find her out at @dannapaola. Moreover, there she has 5.9 million followers against a “following” count of only 1068. She posts quite frequently on Twitter as well. Moreover, she is also there on Tik Tok and has a Spotify account. Therefore, you have a fair amount of idea that Danna Paola is that millennial star who uses all her social media handles very effectively and diligently. So, check her out!

Donna Paola Measurements

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So, this power-packed bomb of Latin energy is not a very tall person. She is 1.6 m in height. Hence, this means she is around 5 feet 3 inches in height. So, this might as well be an average height. But, tall or short, how long does it matter when you are bursting with energy and talent in all directions? It does not, at all. But so may you know, here is a table of all details regarding her physical dimensions.

Weight, Size & Height

Hair Color So, Danna Paola does a lot of styling and dyeing with her hair. But honestly, she can pull off literally anything and be gorgeous.

However, her base hair color is a mixture of blonde and brown.

Eye Color Dark Brown
Height Feet – 5 feet 3 inches

Meters – 1. 6 m

Centimeters – 160 cm

Weight In kilogram- 51

In lbs- 112

Danna Paola Elite

So, Elite is a Spanish thriller teen drama television series that you can find on Netflix. Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona created it. So, it is set in a fictional elite secondary school called Las Encinas. However, it deals with the relationships that ensue between three teenagers who have a working-class background with their wealthy classmates. So, they got admitted to the school via a scholarship program. So, as you can imagine, the series presents a huge ensemble cast. Moreover, many of the actors have previously worked with Netflix that were either created or produced in Spain or Latin America. Therefore, Danna Paola, being a leading Latin American actress is one of the actors in the ensemble cast. She portrays the character of Lu there.

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Elite might look like a typical teen fiction but it is not so. So, it deals with important themes of class and sexuality all under the garb of a thriller. It is an extremely popular series. However, even after being a part of it for the first three seasons, Danna Paola decided against continuing further there. So, in 2020, she issued a statement in the Mexican program El Hormiguero telling that she wanted to devote her time to become a full-time singer. Therefore, in season 4, the creators showed Lu to move to some other school. So, along with Ester Expósito, Jorge López, Álvaro Rico and Mina El Hammani, Danna Paola is no longer going to return to the series. Therefore, Netflix sealed the deal by issuing a statement in May 2020.

Danna Paola FAQs

Does Danna Paola write her songs?

So, yes, Danna Paola mostly writes her own songs. Moreover, in an interview with Billboard, she has said that every time she writes a song, she cannot keep herself from crying. Therefore, she describes all of her songs and albums to be very personal. When she was a child, things might be different, but since her first album as a grown-up, she owns it all.

Can Danna Paola sing?

Yes, of course! It is indeed true that Danna Paola has established a very versatile career. So, she acts both on screen and stage, sings, and is even a successful entrepreneur. However, singing is her best quality and the thing she loves to do the most. Moreover, since 2020, she has publicly declared that she wants to be a full-time singer. So, she mostly sings pop with her maximum involvement working in Latin pop.

When did Danna Paola start singing?

So, Danna Paola was a child artist. She had started singing when she was still a kid. In 2001, at the tender age of six, she undertook her first musical venture. So, her debut album was Mi Globu Azul. She sang children’s songs with slick pop arrangements. The record did not chart. However, it elevated her profile nationally and brought her to public prominence.

What does Danna mean?

So, Danna is a name that has origins in Anglo-Saxon English. Hence, in Old English, the word “Danna” means “God will judge”. However, the name traces back many meanings. So, it has Arabic roots as well. Here, the word derives from Dana or Danah. Therefore, this means “valuable and beautiful pearl” and “the most perfectly sized” respectively. Moreover, it also has two derivations from the Irish language.

Who are Danna Paola’s parents?

So, Danna Paola was born to her mother Patricia Munguia, and her father Juan Jose Rivera Arellano. However, they are divorced.

How many languages does Danna Paola speak?

When we say she is multi-talented, she indeed is so from all respects. So, she speaks a number of languages fluently. Therefore, these include Spanish, English, and Portuguese. She is Latin American herself, so she is particularly strong in Spanish. However, that is not the end of it. In addition to these, she has also studied French, Mandarin, and even Arabic. Yes, Arabic is something you were definitely not expecting out of a Latin American star right!

How Many Siblings Does Danna Paola Have?

So, she has only one elder sister and is extremely close with her. Therefore, her name is Vania Rivera Munguia.

Who is Danna Paola signed to?

So, she had a contract with Universal Music Group. However, with leaving Elite in 2020, she devoted her time to becoming a full-time singer. Therefore, she extended her record contract with Universal Music Group. Following this, she placed all her might and energies into her single album K.O. With this she “knocked out” her heartbreaks and negativities in life. Moreover, this became her first-ever album to crack the top 10 of Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums chart.

Why is Danna Paola so famous?

There is really little reason why she should not be this famous. She deserves all the world! As we have already seen, she is a singer, an actor, a theater practitioner, a live artist, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur and only she knows what she will come up with next! She has had completely sold out theaters- the highest-grossing ones even, made Billboard records, made long-standing ties with Disney, collaborated with fashion designers, and even been part of a popular Netflix series. Therefore, she is so famous because she is so talented!