Donnie Van Zant: Career, Family and Net Worth

Donnie Van Zant is a rocker and also a guitar player. He is renowned as the singer of the rock band 38 Special—originating from a household that is well-grounded in music. The rock star has achieved a lot since the beginning of his profession. Zant, regrettably, decided to leave the songs scene in the very early 2000s. Despite being an establishing member of 38 Special, the singer left the band in 2013 due to health challenges. Figure out even more concerning the musician as well as his family as you scroll via.

Family Background – Donnie Van Zant

Donnie was born on June 11, 1952, in Jacksonville, Florida, to Marion Virginia Hicks Van Zant and her spouse, Lacy Van Zant. He was raised together with his two brother or sisters, Ronnie Van Zant, that is the oldest of the three, and Johnny Van Zant. While his mommy passed away in 2000, he lost his papa four years later in 2004.

Although his father was not an artist himself. He gave all the motivation required for his kids to go after a job as rock artists. Interestingly, every one of them came to be effective in it, consisting of Ronnie, who passed away at the age of 29 following an aircraft accident. For his motivation,

Lacy’s children declared him the Father of Southern Rock.

Donnie participated in Robert E. Lee High, which had a policy that was strictly imposed versus children with lengthy hair. Although his brother and various other participants of Skynyrd would later on leave of college because they were not ready to reduce theirs, Donnie hid his lengthy hair under a wig and also was, later on, able to finish. Similar to his two brothers or sisters, he started his musical career when he was still a young adult.

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Nonetheless, it was in 1974 that he began his band together with Don Barnes, who was his next-door neighbor at the time. Other members of the group include Jeff Carlisi, Ken Lyons, Steve Brookins, and also Jack Grodin. Donnie Van Zant is a married man, as well as has been wed to Ashley Van Zant. The couple has been with each other for many years. Presently live in their home in Jacksonville, Florida. It is not known if they have any children.

Interesting Facts about Donnie Van Zant

Reason Donnie Left The Music

Donnie Van Zant was compelled to retire from music as a result of inner-ear nerve damages, along with a few other health difficulties. He was strictly warned by his medical professional to take a permanent break from music, something he is recognized to always place in a great deal of enthusiasm as well as power right into. Donnie continued to be one of the most consistent members of 38 Unique until 2013 when as a result of his medical professional’s suggestions, he took an irreversible break from songs. Before then, he had worked with 12 workshop albums with 38 Unique, and four real-time albums, among other things. A lot more so, the band had sold more significant than 20 million copies thus far.

His Net Worth

With a job that ran for years, Donnie Van Zant has accomplished much popularity and also riches that come with it. Since this writing, the rock celebrity has a built-up net worth estimated at $8 million. He made his lot of money from his music occupation, the majority of primarily through his stints as a participant of 38 Special.

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Death of His Brother Ronnie Van Zant

Donnie’s older sibling Ronnie Van Zant passed away at the age of 29. Before his death, Ronnie had told many people, including his papa, that he was not going to live to be three decades old. While Lacy and every other person believed it was a joke, it became real. Their dad, though in grief, was not taken by surprise by Ronnie’s fatality. Ronnie was a member of the rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, which their father supported significantly. In 1977, he died in an airplane crash, but other members of the group endured significant injuries.

Being Part of Van Zant Group

They were performed together with his younger bro, Johnny Van Zant. Under the team name ‘Van Zant,’ the duo launched their very first cd with each other in 1985. They followed it up with four even more CDs, consisting of the hugely successful My Kind Of Country (2007) and Get Right with the Man (2005).

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