Natalie Roush: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Married, Tattoos, FAQs & More

Natalie Roush is an Instagram model, YouTuber, and social media icon from the United States. She is famous for posting her stunning photos on Instagram – which include her lingerie and glamour selfies. Moreover, on the photo-sharing platform, she has over a million followers so far.

If you would like to know about this star in detail, then worry not. We shall now cover the minutes of Natalie Roush – her age, career, partner, and so on. Therefore, scroll over and read on as we discuss her life in detail.

Natalie Roush Bio/WIKI

FULL NAME Natalie Ann Roush
DATE OF BIRTH 9 April, 1995
CURRENT AGE 27 years
BIRTHPLACE United States
RELIGION Christianity
WEIGHT 56 kg
HAIR COLOR Dark brown
EYE COLOR Light brown
PROFESSION Instagram model, YouTuber, and Social media star
PARENTS Not known
PARTNER Mason Holly

Natalie Roush Birth, Education, and Family

Born to an American family on April 9, 1995, Natalie Roush’s birth took place in the United States. Furthermore, she grew up in the US. Moreover, she finished her schooling at an unnamed institution in her hometown. Later on, though, she graduated from the University of Florida. Nevertheless, no information regarding her educational qualifications is currently available.

Roush belongs to a mixed ethnicity. Her parents have always showered plenty of attention and support on her. Additionally, she has a brother, who infused in her a love for automobiles. Natalie Roush, however, has revealed no information about her family or siblings on the web yet. Perhaps, it is because she prefers to keep her personal life discreet from the general public.

Natalie Roush Career

Roush formerly worked as a barista in a coffee shop. She began her career as an influencer in December 2014, when she opened an Instagram account. Likewise, she currently shares her alluring snaps with her followers on her profile. However, she hardly had followers on the app after starting out initially. She did, nonetheless, continue sharing her photos with her small following on a regular basis. As her work began to surface in the website’s Explore section, she began gaining more visibility. Her follower count grew rapidly, and she continued to provide content for her new fans. She presently has over 1.2 million followers and follows over 345 people on Instagram. Besides, her account on Instagram is a verified one.

Natalie Roush is popular as an Instagram model. Nevertheless, she is also active on other social media platforms. She set up her YouTube channel in 2010. However, she started uploading videos in April 2017 only. She primarily uploads videos of cars, besides bikini hauls, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. Roush has over 202K subscribers and around 4 million total video views so far. Her YouTube channel name is ‘Natalie Roush Bagged Mk4’. She recently joined Tiktok, where she created an account with the alias @natalieroushh. She shares a range of short video clips with her fans on the app.

Roush also has two other accounts on Instagram. One of them is @natalieroushgaming, where she uploads gaming content. She follows 25 Instagram users from that account and has 479 followers there. Her second account, @vdubchubrub, has 14.3K followers and 108 followings. There, she shares content about her four-wheelers. Besides, she also runs a Twitch account with around 15K followers. There she streams COD: Warzone, New World, and many other games.

Natalie Roush Net Worth

Natalie Roush is such a famous Instagram celebrity. Her current net worth is roughly $1.5 million; based on Forbes, IMDb, Wikipedia, and other web sources. Sponsorships and paid memberships are her main sources of income though. Besides, she also makes money on YouTube and Twitch. They are, nevertheless, deemed a source of extra income for her.

Natalie Roush uses her Instagram account to entice well-known firms to collaborate with her. She has more than a million Instagram followers and an average engagement rate of 8%, with 96K likes per post. Subsequently, these figures assist brands in locating her for a sponsored post to promote their businesses, services, or products. Henceforth, we can expect her to earn between $2.409 and $4,015, based on each sponsored Instagram post. Likewise, she has worked with many brands. Notable ones include Lowered Lifestyle, boutineLA, Alphalete, Knock Out Watches, Lounge Underwear, Zaful, Freddy Pants, and Lull. Besides, she has also promoted Rebecca Stella, All Aspects Apparel, Luxe Vita Rentals, FashionNova, Junior Major, and Arsenic.

Moreover, Natalie Roush has opened an Onlyfans account of late. In addition, with her paid subscriptions, she offers exclusive videos and photos on the website. Memberships are $15 per month and $76.50 for a six-month period. She has shared 93 posts and received over 71.3K likes so far. Although her subscriber figure is kept from the public, we estimate that she has between 1000 and 2500 members.

Furthermore, Natalie Roush also makes money by selling her line of merchandise. Besides, her Shopify store includes a huge number of products.

Natalie Roush Boyfriend

Many speculate that Natalie Roush is secretly dating Mason Holly, a photographer by profession. They have been dating since 2011, as per some sources. Nonetheless, she prefers keeping her personal life away from all the media attention and limelight. As per our records, however, she is presently unmarried.

Natalie Roush Personal Life

Hence, let us take a look at some notable facts about the lingerie model.


1) When she invited her fans to vote on how tall she apparently was, the majority chose 5’9″ as the answer.

2) On March 18, 2018, she had to undergo an emergency surgery though. Seemingly a 6″-long cyst had blocked the blood circulation to her ovaries.

3) Either going to the beach or attending a huge car show with pals is how she defines a perfect day.

4) She sets aside Saturdays for her visits to the beach though.

5) Her favorite type of modeling to shoot is urban though. She also likes swimsuits, boudoir, grunge, and vintage, but not as much as she likes urban.

6) Her day, nonetheless, seems to remain incomplete without a steaming cup of coffee.

7) In the year 2019, she bought a home.

8) She enjoys playing Call of Duty, a video game.

9) She adores a variety of musical genres. However, she is wary of country music. She listens to it, but it is not her first pick.

10) Julia Rose, Anna Louise, and Lauren Summer are among her closest pals. They are all social media stars and models.

11) Natalie found a feature in Julia Rose’s web magazine, SHAGMAG.

12) She does not have any weight to lose, thus she rarely performs cardio. Her workouts are hence, mostly focused on her booty and abs.

Natalie Roush Favourites

Thus, let us now take a look at all the favorites of the Internet sensation – Natalie Roush.

  • Her favorite travel destination is Los Angeles, California.
  • Roush considers Disney’s Magic Kingdom to be her most loved place on earth.
  • She loves to celebrate the festival of Coachella.
  • Sunflowers are her favorites.
  • Roush prefers animated movies, of all genres.
  • However, her favorite movie of all time is Tangled (2010).
  • Brand New is her fav band of all time.
  • Nonetheless, Roush loves Balance and Composure and Tiger Star too.
  • Seat covers are her preferred car accessory.
  • Moreover, she has two favorite quotes:
  1. “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”
  2. “Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.”

Natalie Roush FAQs

Therefore, it is now time to take a look at the most common facts on the web about Natalie Roush. Hence, read on as we shed light on the social media sensation.

Who is Natalie Roush?

Natalie Roush is an Instagram model, internet star, and blogger from the United States. Likewise, she rose to fame after consistently posting tempting visual content in bikinis on the web. Her Instagram account boasts of over 1.2 million followers, which is her most well-known asset.

What is Natalie Roush’s birth name?

People know her as Natalie Roush. Her name at birth, however, was Natalie Ann Roush.

How old is Natalie Roush?

Born on April 9, 1995, Natalie Roush is currently 27 years of age.

Where does Natalie Roush live?

Her current residence is as follows:

  • Fleming Island, Florida, United States.
  • Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

Is Natalie Roush married?

No. She is presently unmarried. Speculations have it that she is secretly dating a photographer, Mason Holly though.

What car does Natalie Roush drive?

Natalie drives a bagged, wrapped, and AIM-wheeled 2000 Volkswagen Mk4 VR6 engine. She also has an APR stage 3 Volkswagen MK6 GTR. Additionally, in April 2019, she bought a 2018 BMW M2 Competition with BMW M4 seats.

Does Natalie Roush have tattoos?

Natalie Roush couldn’t wait to get her first tattoo when she was younger. Nonetheless, she struggled to find a design that she would be satisfied with for the rest of her life. She planned to do it once she hit adulthood. Her desire to get tattooed, on the other hand, never faded. However, she still has no tattoos on her.

Does Natalie Roush have pets?

Natalie Roush has three cats – Mayo, Choji, and an orange cat named Little Kitty. The latter was only supposed to be with her for a short time though. However, Natalie fell in love with it. Hence, she decided to keep it forever with her.