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Barbie Ferreira is a stunning American actress that has a great following in her home country. She is a one-of-a-kind plus-size model with stunning beauty. She is from the Queen’s neighbourhood of New York City. With her recent appearance in the hit television series ‘Euphoria,’ she has become a well-known figure. Only a few people are aware of her full name, Barbara Linhares Ferreira. She is well-known for her plus-size physique, which distinguishes her from other television actresses.

Euphoria is a television drama series about teenagers, for those who don’t know. Other actors and actresses are also gaining notoriety as a result of this particular show. Producer Sam Levinson is in charge of the drama series. Originally, this series was based on the same-named Israeli miniseries. The drama follows a group of high school teenagers as they attempt to deal with topics such as drugs, sex, love, and friendship.

Barbie is also a well-known figure on social media. Her social media platforms have a large number of followers. She hasn’t had any notable acting jobs aside from her performance in Euphoria. Euphoria is the only TV show that has made her famous among American youth. She is of mixed Brazilian and American ancestry. No one has ever chastised her for having Brazilian ancestry.

Barbie Ferreira Biography/Wiki

Barbie Ferreira

Real Full Name Barbara Linhares Ferreira.
Nickname Barbie
Profession Actress, Plus Size Model, and Social Media Personality
Birthday December 14, 1996
Hometown Queens, New York City, New York, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Brazilian-American
Religion Christianity
Sun Sign Sagittarius

Barbie Ferreira Age

Barbie Ferreira was born in Queens, New York, on December 14, 1996. Her mother, aunt, and grandmother raised her, making her a strong woman. As of 2022, she is 26 years old.

Barbie Ferreira Height/Weight

Height 5′ 8″. Similarly, Centimeters: 173 cm
Weight Kilograms: 98 Kg. Similarly, Pounds: 216 lbs.
Bra Size 38B
Body Measurements 40-36-48
Shoe Size (US) 9
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Barbie Ferreira Family

Barbie Ferreira

Barbie was reared only by her mother. Her parents’ names have remained a mystery until now. Barbie’s parents, on the other hand, were unhappy with each other and divorced when she was a small child. Her mother and the plus-size actress and model are quite close. She has a strong link with her mother because she was the only one who raised her and saw her through thick and thin.

You won’t find her giving an interview without mentioning her mum. Her mother, she claims, has had a significant influence on her life’s achievement. Without the steadfast support of the one who raised her, she would not have been the same person.

Barbie and her mother, in reality, were each other’s pillars of strength. They didn’t have a third person to fall back on when life threw them a curveball. That is why they are so close to one other’s hearts.

Barbie Ferreira Before

Ferreira was born in the Queens district of New York City and eventually relocated to Maywood, New Jersey. Hackensack High School was her alma mater. Ferreira was reared by her mother, aunt, and grandmother and is of Brazilian descent. Her mother and grandmother both worked in the restaurant industry. Barbie used to spend a lot of time on Tumblr when she was younger. It boosted her self-esteem and helped her establish herself as a model. Barbie used to spend a lot of time on Tumblr when she was younger. It boosted her self-esteem and helped her establish herself as a model.

Barbie Ferreira Modelling Career

Barbie used to spend a lot of time on Tumblr when she was younger. It boosted her self-esteem and helped her establish herself as a model.

Barbie did not wait for modelling agencies to come looking for her. Instead, she submitted her images to modelling agencies and clothing companies in the hopes of being chosen for a modelling job. She got a message on her Tumblr about an American Apparel casting call one day. She was unwell at the time, so she emailed the apparel line a low-resolution selfie.

The next day, American Apparel contacted her, much to her surprise. People attacked her on social media when her initial images were out. Barbie’s mother didn’t want her to model anymore because of the ordeal.

She used to refer to herself as a “Nodel” rather than a model early in her modelling career. She didn’t think she’d be able to succeed. Regardless of all the hatred, she persisted.

She appears to be a wonderful plus-size model due to her distinctive features. She has modelled for a few clothing companies. At the age of 22, she began working in the fashion industry.

She has since modelled for Aerie, Adidas, Asos, Forever 21, H&M, Missguided, and Target, among others. Ferreira’s Aerie campaign went viral in 2016, with unretouched photos and a video interview. Later that year, Time recognised her among its 2016 “30 Most Influential Teens” list. When she got a call from the apparel company, she provided some of the sexiest photos she’d ever seen. At the start of her modelling career, she also worked with several big names in the fashion industry.

Barbie Ferreira Movie Career

Ferreira appeared in the etiquette-themed 10-episode Vice series How to Behave. She got a Webby Award for Best Web Personality/Host for this. She also starred in the Body Party web series for Teen Vogue, which is promoting body positivity.

Ferreira rose to prominence as a result of her prominent role in the popular television series ‘Euphoria.’ Before this TV show, she wasn’t known for her acting abilities. In this television show, the actress makes her formal debut. Kat, also known as ‘Katherine Hernandez,’ is one of the most important characters in the show.

She’s also been pictured dealing with her weight. She makes every effort to seem like a regular adolescent with a thin and fashionable physique. In the drama series, she tries to express her sexuality.

Ferreira also portrayed Ella in two episodes of HBO’s Divorce and is a member of the ensemble cast of HBO’s Euphoria, where she plays high schooler Kat. She made her cinematic debut in HBO Max’s Unpregnant, starring Haley Lu Richardson.

Barbie Ferreira Movies and TV Shows

Year Title Role Role Notes
2018 Divorce Then, Ella 2 episodes
Then, 2019–present Similarly, Euphoria Katherine “Kat” Hernandez Likewise, Main role
Then, 2020 Then, Unpregnant Bailey Butler Then, actor
Similarly, 2022 Then, Nope TBA Also, actor

Barbie Ferreira Partner

She does have a massive physique, and it may be difficult for some to believe she is just 22 years old. Her body gives her a little older appearance. She is currently single and has not disclosed any romantic relationships. She wants to make a name for herself in the film industry. Many individuals are speculating about her relationships with the Euphoria actors. However, there has been no confirmation in this regard. Despite her prominent role in the drama series, it is thought that she has not been involved with anyone.

The young actress is attempting to slim down her body to improve her attractiveness for prospective acting roles. The bond between Angus and Barbie has also been discussed by critics. Both celebs, on the other hand, have categorically denied these unfounded allegations. Barbie claims that if he falls in love with someone from the movie industry or her personal life, she will disclose it publicly.

During an interview with ‘Wild Magazine’ in 2015, she mentioned a lover. When it came to love relationships, she used, to be honest. She now chooses to keep her personal problems secret.

Barbie Ferreira Elle Puckett

Barbie Ferreira Elle Puckett

Elle Puckett has become one of the most sought-after gay companions on the internet after her girlfriend, Barbie Ferreira, gained headlines for her role in Euphoria.

According to the wiki, Elle Puckett is a musician from Los Angeles who was a member of the band Poema. Her sister was a member of the Poema, a pop group in which she was the leader. After that, Tooth & Nail Records signed the band. From 2008 through 2015, they released four theme songs that were aired throughout the Warped Tour. She then worked on a project in Nashville with her songs being streamed by over 2 million people on Spotify.

From 2015 to 2017, she toured with Eisley as a lead guitarist, establishing herself as a performer, producer, and songwriter. She now divides her time between work, touring globally with Maggie Rogers, a Grammy-nominated performer, and her girlfriend.

Barbie Ferreira Young

Barbie Ferreira has had a tumultuous life. She had to overcome adversity to become one of the most promising young actors on the planet today. Barbie has grown from a hesitant girl in front of the camera to a brave go-getter ready to seize any chance that comes her way.

The fact that Barbie is so genuine appeals to her devotees. Barbie is now a well-known figure, but she hasn’t let her celebrity alter who she is. She is fearless, enthralling, and gifted.

When she was younger, other children teased her about her weight. She was taller than most of the other kids, and they teased her about it. Barbie became a recluse as a result of the hatred she received from her classmates. Rather than hanging out with her classmates, she opted to play games on her laptop. Barbie vowed to lose weight in order to be accepted by the other children.

Barbie believes that she has changed a lot since she was a child. Her childhood was a difficult time for her, but she is grateful that she was able to overcome it.

Barbie Ferreira Sam Levinson

While the rest of the world is enamoured with the second season of Euphoria, it appears that things behind the scenes haven’t been all flowers. While the ensemble is known for being extremely close and sharing cute photos of one another at every opportunity, tensions have been progressively increasing between two prominent characters, Barbie Ferreira and Sam Levinson.

According to rumours, the two had a falling out over Kat’s narrative in season two, after Barbie expressed her dissatisfaction with her character’s direction. Barbie is now rumoured to be finding it unbearable to continue working with Levinson, with tensions on set reaching new heights.

She wasn’t “vibing” with Levinson this season, according to an anonymous tip received by DeuMoix.

She got into an argument with him on set and eventually left. After that, he snipped a bunch of her lines.

The quarrel, according to some, is the cause for Barbie’s absence from the Euphoria premiere.

Barbie Ferreira Mullet

I would have laughed if you had told me mullets will be in style in 2020 just a few months ago. I’d be mistaken. Barbie Ferreira’s new mullet validates the trend, but she’s far from alone. Rowan Blanchard wore a curly mullet last year, and Billie Eilish tried her own variation this year. After experimenting with a trendy shag, Miley Cyrus debuted a rockstar mullet in 2020. It appears to be the current cool-girl cut.

The Euphoria actress and new (and first!) face of Becca Cosmetics has a modern mullet according to hairstylist Laurie Heaps. “To begin with, Barbie wore her hair in a long, layered haircut that fell just over the shoulders. “We trimmed around four inches off the sides and top to get this new design,” Heaps stated in a statement. “Barbie was looking for a change and something new. She tries to stay away from everything that appears to be generic or usual. I admire her proclivity towards bolder and riskier hairstyles.”

The mullet appearance was achieved by cutting the sides and top into choppy parts and then merging them towards the back, leaving length there. “We wanted to emphasise the short in the front, long in the rear look for this style,” she explained. “Barbie stated that she wanted something elf-like and piecey. We looked at a lot of photographs together and then just came up with this modern mullet vision.”

Barbie Ferreira Euphoria

Barbie Ferreira began her career as a model, but now she’s starring in ‘Euphoria,’ which has her taking over television screens.

You’ve probably been engrossed in all things Euphoria at this point. Barbie Ferreira plays Kat Hernandez, a once-shy, now-fierce character who goes through a huge transformation following a dramatic event. Ferreira, like Zendaya and Angus Cloud before her, has captured audiences across the world with her dramatic narratives and enormous design sense.

Season 3 of Euphoria has been officially confirmed, which means Ferreira’s role will most certainly continue to develop.

Barbie Ferreira Met Gala

Barbie Ferreira is undeniably talented when it comes to serving a look. She slayed different looks on HBO’s Euphoria as Kat, and she’s been killing the red carpet scene ever since. She wore a pearl-encrusted off-the-shoulder gown by Jonathan Simkhai to her first-ever Met Gala, and it’s only fitting that she did so with the same vigour.

Barbie Ferreira Net Worth

Barbie was able to generate money from her modelling career and role in Euphoria, even though she hasn’t appeared in many TV shows or Hollywood films. She is compensated handsomely by the apparel businesses for whom she models. Barbie has a net worth of USD 500,000, according to reports. The talented young lady is confident in her ability to increase her earnings in the coming years. She’ll almost certainly get offers for a handful of Hollywood films. The titles of those next films, however, are still unknown. Fortunately, Barbie’s fan following grew as a result of the drama series.

Barbie Ferreira has a long list of accomplishments ahead of her. She appears to have a lot of wonderful opportunities from TV directors and film producers. That is why critics predict that she will become more vivacious in the next few years. She is putting in a lot of effort to be in shape so she may be a good choice for directors casting big roles in films and television drama series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barbie Ferreira

What is Barbie Ferreira’s real name?

Barbara Linhares Ferreira

What dress size is Barbie Ferreira?

Ferreira, while attractive enough to represent a variety of brands, differs from most models in one significant way: as a size 12, she does not fit into either the “straight-size” or “plus-size” categories. She’s more of an “in-between” model, according to some.

Where is Barbie Ferreira from?

Queens, New York, United States.

Is Barbie Ferreira a Latina?

Ferreira was reared by her mother, aunt, and grandmother and is of Brazilian descent.

Are Barbie and America Ferreira related?

Barbie Ferreira, who plays America Ferreira in the film Euphoria, is not related to America Ferreira.

Is Barbie Ferreira plus-size?

Being labelled “plus-size” was, according to Ferreira, a fantastic method for her to identify with a community at the start of her career.

What agency is Barbie Ferreira signed to?

The stunning Queens, New York native has a Wilhelmina modelling contract, advertisements with labels like Aerie, and nearly 300,000 Instagram followers to boot.

How did Barbie Ferreira get famous?

Barbie used to spend a lot of time on Tumblr when she was younger. It boosted her self-esteem and helped her establish herself as a model.

Barbie did not wait for modelling agencies to come looking for her. Instead, she submitted her images to modelling agencies and clothing companies in the hopes of being chosen for a modelling job.

She appears to be a wonderful plus-size model due to her distinctive features. She has modelled for a few clothing companies. At the age of 22, she began working in the fashion industry.