James Pendergrass: TikTok, Birthday, Height, College, Brittan, LinkedIn, Net Worth, Too Hot to Handle, Attorney, Obituary & More

James Pendergrass was born on February 18, 1999. He is currently 24 years old. He is an American actor, model, basketball player, reality television star, as well as an online presence. James is a native of Hawaii. He is now in the spotlight for his appearance in Season 4 of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. It launched on December 7, 2022.

Too Hot To Handle season 4’s James Pendergrass did not win the show, but he quickly became a fan favourite, and viewers are eager to see what he has been up to since the retreat. On the fake show “Wild Love,” the Hawaiian native was fined for casual hookups. James quickly transformed himself into a “sex cop” after learning that he was in “Too Hot To Handle” and that a $200,000 reward was at risk.

James Pendergrass

James won admirers over with his hilarious timing and easygoing attitude. He originally attempted to make contact with Kayla Richart. Following his unsuccessful relationship with Kayla, James moved on to blonde beauty Brittan Byrd, who was also from Hawaii. Although trying to maintain his relationship with Brittan, James’ journey on Too Hot To Handle was primarily spent preventing participants from becoming personal. Despite having the healthiest relationship, the couple was not chosen as finalists.

Get to know James Pendergrass – find out his height, birthday, college, net worth, LinkedIn, Twitter, obituary, and more, including his appearance on “Too Hot to Handle.”

Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle returns with more hot, naive single who have no idea that their days of fooling around without consequences are coming to an end.

James Pendergrass, the season’s youngest contender, is one of those expected to participate on the show. The 23-year-old from Hawaii is a physical therapist.

Too Hot To Handle is back with a fresh group of singles ready to meet, but they have no idea what digital assistant Lana has in store for them.

Fans of Too Hot To Handle know that the $200,000 cash prize is only guaranteed if the candidates refrain from engaging in any sexual behaviour. If they succumb to temptation, the big reward will be reduced. Throughout Season 4, James worked hard to keep the reward as large as possible so that he could utilise it to help pay off his college loans. With this in mind, he took it upon himself to enforce the show’s regulations on all Season 4 participants.

More about Too Hot To Handle

The fan-favorite dating program is back with a greater reward than ever. The season will begin with $200,000, and the participants must not lose any money. They will be utterly oblivious of the show in which they are engaging at first.

The candidates will know precisely what they’ve signed up for after spending the first 24 hours with Mario Lopez, the host of the bogus program Wild Love, including a month of no kissing, physical contact, or self-gratification.

The goal of the show is to assist singles build deep and lasting connections that they are unable to form in the outside world because of physical closeness. Participants will take part in challenges and seminars to assist them get to know themselves and their relationships better. Yet, as Lana’s curveballs seldom are, it’s not going to be simple.

Lana will unveil new singles who will join the original cast on their adventure during their visit.

James Pendergrass Too Hot To Handle

The future participant is an athlete who enjoys shooting hoops whenever possible, and his athletic expertise may come in handy when Lana sets down her rules. His Instagram account presently has 7169 followers, which is expected to grow after the episode airs.

As an influencer, the Too Hot To Handle finalist frequently shares about his fitness regimen as well as promotional material.

Some of the products he has modeled for and promoted on his social media account include QA ESSENTIALS, an activity apparel line, and Sweet Enemy Clothing, another clothing brand.

Contestants on most dating programs have one aim in mind: to find lasting love. But love isn’t the only reason cast members stay on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. A large monetary reward is also up for grabs at the conclusion of the season, but only if participants can keep their hands off each other in the episodes running up to the finale. The big prize was significant to Season 4 Too Hot To Handle competitor James Pendergrass, and he fought hard to get it for a very solid and practical reason.

“I can claim that being a college student helped me focus,” James told Express. “So I had college costs to pay that $200,000 sounded really, really nice. That being stated, it was as simple as flipping a switch.”

Here’s all you need to know about this Too Hot To Handle candidate who is very serious about his education.

Social Media

Pendergrass is an American model, actor, reality television star, social media celebrity, and basketball player. With his rock-hard and strong form, he hides a keen and brilliant intellect. He was just 18 years old when he began exploring for business ideas to launch his bodybuilding career. In 2020, James began filming basketball films and distributing them on the social media platform TikTok. Following that, he garnered a sizable fan base through his posts.

James also posted some random gaming videos on social media, but by 2021, he was solely posting bodybuilding videos. Meanwhile, Pendergrass began posting photos of himself modelling on Instagram. He began receiving advertising for body supplements and clothes brands after gaining a large fan following on his profile. Yet in order to be successful, he wants to build something unique. He founded the OA Essentials clothing line, which specialises in athletic wear. His fan base grew in December 2022 when he finished his first Netflix program, Too Hot To Handle. The show debuted on Netflix on December 7, 2022, and James was given the option to participate in that dating reality show.

Here’s all you need to know about James Pendergrass, including his Instagram account and more!

James Pendergrass Instagram

His Instagram account, @jamespendergrass_, details his hobbies. While it’s evident that he enjoys travelling and athletics, his account also shows that he enjoys films and TV shows like the rest of us. His profile has images of titles such as Invincible, The Matrix, The Incredible Hulk, and many more, implying that he may be a fan of a few Netflix series. (We’re curious which ones!)

Perhaps in the future, he’ll have an Instagram grid of Stranger Things or Dead to Me. You’ll have to follow James on Instagram to find out!

James Pendergrass TikTok

If you thought his Instagram told you everything about his day-to-day existence, wait till you see his TikTok. His Instagram account, @james.pendergrass, has over 13,600 followers for his numerous training videos, some of which teach how to build a strong body.

If you’re seeking for gym tips or just want to see more of James, don’t forget to follow him on TikTok to see more of his videos in your feed.


James Pendergrass is a well-known television personality, actor, model, reality show star, basketball player, fitness trainer, sportsperson, online personality, social media influencer, and public figure from the United States. He was born on February 18, 1999, in Honolulu, USA. James Pendergrass is most known for his involvement on the Netflix reality show Too Hot To Handle.

James Pendergrass was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on February 8, 1999. He is a young man with many talents. He has been in a number of films and television programs as an actor. Other than that, he has modelled. He began his career as a model, working for a variety of fitness and apparel companies. He appeared to promote QA ESSENTIALS, an activity apparel line, and Sweet Enemy Gear. Pendergrass appeared in season 4 of Netflix’s dating reality show Too Hot To Handle in 2022. He is one of the competitors on the show who is betting on love and a $100,000 cash prize.

James Pendergrass Birthday

He was born on February 18, 1999, in Oahu, Hawaii, United States of America. Every year on February 18th, he celebrates his birthday.

James Pendergrass Age

James Pendergrass, a native of Hawaii, was born on February 18, 1999. He is 24 years old right now. He is born under the sign of Aquarius.

James Pendergrass Hawaii

James was born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in the United States of America. He is a citizen of the United States. He is an American citizen.

James Pendergrass High School

When it comes to schooling, James is well-educated. According to the accounts, James received his education in a local school in his hometown. Eventually, following his graduation, he enrolled at the University of Hawaii.

James Pendergrass Basketball

He also played a lot of basketball throughout his collegiate days. He was a basketball player for Orange Coast College. James was a member of the Orange Coast College Athletics team.

Parents, Siblings

At the present, little is known about James’ family. We conducted extensive investigation but were unable to locate the identities of James’ parents at the time of publishing this article. James has not shared anything about them. It is reported that James is his parents’ only child. He has no brothers or sisters.

James Pendergrass Ethnicity, Religion

According to the reports, James belongs to the African American ethnicity. And he adheres to the Christian faith.

James Pendergrass Height

Physically, James Pendergrass has a good appearance. He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall. James’s body weight is around 80 kg. He has lovely brown eyes as well as black hair. He’s a kind guy. James Pendergrass is a daring, bright, and intellectual young man. James has a bright expression and a charming smile. He dresses in fashionable attire.


Let us now go through his professional background. James Pendergrass is a well-known television personality, actor, model, reality show star, basketball player, fitness trainer, sportsperson, online personality, social media influencer, and public figure from the United States. He has been in a number of films and television shows. He also competes in other basketball tournaments. In addition, he works as a fitness trainer and social media influencer.

James rose to prominence after participating on the popular Netflix reality program Too Hot To Handle. He appeared as a participant in the fourth season of the Too Hot To Handle show. It premiered on December 7, 2022.

James Pendergrass Job

James Pendergrass is an entrepreneur in addition to being an athlete, personal trainer, blogger, and film aficionado. His clothing line, OA Essentials, specialises on athletic apparel. It is both comfortable as well as attractive. So if you are searching for some budget pieces, James’ business might be able to assist.

James Pendergrass is undoubtedly a multi talented individual. But is one of them avoiding temptation? To find out, watch Too Hot to Handle season 4 on Netflix.

James Pendergrass Net Worth

James Pendergrass’s varied sources of income include acting as well as modelling. He also does advertisements, reality programs, fitness instruction, paid promotions, basketball competitions, as well as other things. He makes a nice living from a variety of sources. The net worth of prominent television personality James Pendergrass is reported to be between $600,000 and $800,000 USD. He has a lot of money. He leads a luxurious life.

James Pendergrass Personal Life

At the time of writing, no information on James Pendergrass’s romantic life could be uncovered. So far, James has not shared any information regarding his current relationship status or partner. He prefers to maintain a low profile. We will strive to discover reliable information on James Pendergrass’s love life and update this page.

James Pendergrass and Brittan Byrd

James Pendergrass

True love and chemistry generally take time to develop. On Too Hot To Handle season 4, audiences got excited. It was for the quick bond formed between Too Hot To Handle stars Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass. The couple astounded spectators by maintaining a clean slate during their stay. It was at Lana’s legendary hideaway, while other couples smashed the restrictions like glass plates. Yet, most of the discipline came from James, who grew obsessed with not wasting the group’s money. Despite their efforts, James’ overzealousness nearly ended the relationship when Brittan began to accept the approaches of newcomer Ethan Smith.

James felt deceived at first, but he immediately acknowledged his flaws. He apologised to Brittan for not focusing on the appropriate reward, namely her! To the pleasure of their supporters, the lovebirds concluded the emotionally charged occasion with their first kiss. Despite being the viewers’ favourite, the pair did not make it to the final. Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici took home the $89,000 prize money. Brittan and James did not have win the prize. But media and fan attention swamped them. The pair believed it was important to take some time apart after filming to clear their heads.

Break Up

Brittan and James’ natural connection and spontaneous expression of love won over many Too Hot To Handle season 4 fans. But, shortly after filming season 4 of the successful Netflix reality TV series, the couple decided to take a break. They returned to their residences in Hawaii. Brittan revealed in a tell-all video that they needed the time apart to truly grasp their feelings for each other. Despite their separation, the Too Hot To Handle actors remained close friends. Their flirty social media activities frequently puzzled viewers.

Even though the couple remained tight-lipped about their relationship status, they were never shy about admitting their feelings for each other, with James commenting that he “NEED[S] that girl on the last slide” in a compilation post of the ladies shared on Netflix’s official Too Hot To Handle Instagram account. Brittan has left some provocative remarks on a number of James’ Instagram postings.


Even though the pair appeared to be on excellent terms on social media, distance proved to be a hurdle to them developing a love connection. Everything changed for the better when James relocated to Los Angeles and became unwittingly closer to Brittan. The lovebirds decided to try again because they were in the same city and still had sparks flying between them. On December 28, James told that they had seen each other considerably more since relocating to the same city. It had helped things proceed favourably.

Brittan confirmed that they were now in the “dating phase”. Too Hot To Handle originally aired in 2020. The lack of stability in the majority of the formed connections is frequently noted. Most of the couples in Season 4 appear to follow this pattern. Brittan and James appear to be destined for something greater.

James and Brittan still together?

Yes! Brittan says in a tiktok video that the pair took a break shortly after filming. It was since they did not know where they stood with each other at the moment. Nevertheless, both former Hawaii residents migrated to Los Angeles, where they saw a lot more of one other. They are presently in the “dating phase”. James stated that it feels “so fantastic” to be public with his feelings.

In terms of pre reveal hints, the couple was both active on Instagram. There they followed one another, liked each other’s images, as well as exchanged some flirtatious, humorous remarks. Brittan reacted with a fire emoji as well as the phrase, “Sea no defects”. It was to one of James’ pics uploaded two weeks earlier, which the trainer wrote, “Sea no evil.”

They also joined the rest of the group in London for a reunion and marketing filming. While Brittan shared multiple posts with the women of season 4, James gave Nick, Seb, and Creed nice individual shout-outs.

In terms of TikTok, the duo broke the mould of the season 4 candidates. It was by becoming the only couple to film a video together. James released multiple films explicitly addressing storylines involving Brittan, as well as the ever-present “are they still together?” issue. Now that the pair has gone public, James keeps posting about how beautiful Brittan is.


Who is James Pendergrass?

James Pendergrass is an actor, model, basketball player, reality television star, and social media presence from the United States.

How old is James Pendergrass?

He was born on February 18, 1999, in Oahu, Hawaii. James will be 24 in 2023.

Why is James Pendergrass popular?

He is well known for his role as a participant on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Season 4. It premiered on December 7.

Is James Pendergrass married?

No, James is not married.

What is James Pendergrass’s net worth?

His net worth is $500k to $700k.